The Basics

Get new clients or patients. Pay for each new client one by one. And only if they become your client.

ClientPlaza isn't like advertizing, where you always pay, even for an uncertain result.


Service Providers of all kinds and sizes:

With ClientPlaza you get new clients or patients more efficiently.

ClientPlaza notifies you when a new client is available.

You see a summary of each client's request for your service. If you want that client, you get that client's contact info. If you don't want that client, do nothing.

The client is already waiting for a call.

You are only billed when an appointment is actually made.

That client is then your client. Next time, they just call you directly, like any other ongoing client.

After you let ClientPlaza know the outcome of a call to one client, you can request another client.

Your ClientPlaza Control Center walks you through the process. Your Control Center is set up with your free Registration.

ClientPlaza is effective for any size Service Provider. One location offering one service, or many locations offering dozens of services.

You easily develop a new client or patient and can request as many new clients as are available.

For each new client, the Service Provider pays $3 to $120, depending on the service - and only pays when an initial appointment is actually made. processes, verifies, and approves each Service Provider's original Registration.

Billing is flexible, with several payment processes available. Fees can be charged to an individual branch, head office, or any combination.

More Resources For Service Providers: