What are the Possible Drawbacks for Service Providers?

  • ClientPlaza.com is not a one-stop solution to your marketing initiatives. Service Providers who want to keep their name top-of-mind in the community may still want to advertise in other ways.
  • It's a new process for your staff to get used to. Fortunately, it is easy to use your Control Center.
  • Notifications that there are clients available may seem annoying to some staff. Notifications are currently sent by email. Service Providers might dedicate an email address to receive notifications of clients' availability. Whenever you want, you can update your email address or addresses through your Control Center.
  • Clients may not be numerous as soon as you register, though the frequency will increase steadily. On the other hand, there's no risk or loss, since you pay nothing until you make an appointment with a new client.
    A word for lawyers and providers of medical services.
  • Each location or professional corporation within your firm needs to be registered. Luckily, it's quick to create another branch or professional corporation in your Control Center. Service Providers can ask their staff at each location to set up their own location's Control Center, especially if appointments are scheduled at those individual locations. Staff will see the advantages of ClientPlaza right away. Service Providers who have a central scheduling office can set everything up from that office or ClientPlaza can complete the setup for you.
  • For lawyers, the ClientPlaza.com process is slightly different. Normally within ClientPlaza.com, a client receives an email from ClientPlaza informing them of the name and contact information of their service provider after the service provider has chance to call the client. Clients requesting a lawyer receive that email right away - so they can call the lawyer. The reason is some lawyers interpret their regulations regarding contact with new clients in different ways. For now, ClientPlaza supports the more restrictive interpretation.
  • Service Providers whose profession includes requirements around confidentiality should be aware that the client knows they may enter a pseudonym or their real name. ClientPlaza.com won't know which choice the client makes, and therefore will not be able to identify any client. (This is a pervasive feature of internet communication.) When the Service Provider - a counselor, for example - calls the client, they will ask for the name entered in ClientPlaza's database.
  • Discussions about what is an acceptable connection for what profession continue. Some are understandably concerned because of past behavior by some of their members. ClientPlaza tries hard to respect the rules governing members of various professions (lawyers and health care providers are two examples) and their discussions will likely lead to consensus soon, at least where ClientPlaza is concerned.

Other topics are in discussion as well. In the mean-time, ClientPlaza.com is available.

ClientPlaza makes sure there is nothing hidden or misleading in our processes or business. ClientPlaza's business processes and fees are open and transparent to everyone, so Clients and Service Providers are able to make fully informed decisions for themselves.

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