Pricing & Payment Options


The fee for a connection to a new client with whom an appointment is successfully set is $3.00 to $120.00, depending on the service. Funds are charged in US or Canadian dollars according to the location of the appointment.

View the fee schedule.

All applicable taxes and transaction fees (PayPal, credit card, etc.) are included.

The fee for inputting multi-location registration data, for those companies requesting that service, is generally $300.00 when the data is reasonably well-organized.

A note to Clients: Service Providers choose to connect with new clients through because it makes sense in their business. ClientPlaza's fees are designed to improve service providers' overall cost of providing their service to you.

Payment Processes

Pay as you go:
Some Service Providers find this the most attractive process. They keep tighter control of their budget. The main drawback is stepping through the payment process each time. Keeping track of your activity is easy within your Control Center.

For many organizations, it's best to be billed monthly. Billing cycles are each calendar month. Statements are sent by email to the email address(es) you choose, about the 6th of each month. Payment is due on the 25th of the following month.

In order to keep your fees low, no paper statement is sent. If necessary, reminders are sent by email and telephone.
Pay by check/cheque or any method of payment PayPal processes (you do not need a PayPal account).
Your statement information is always visible in your Control Center.

Methods of Payment

PayPal, including through Visa, MasterCard, and other credit cards; Interac e-transfer; hard-copy check/cheque.

PayPal, is secure, trusted in the business community, and easy to use. You do not need a PayPal account.

Hard copy cheque/check - can be used if you choose monthly billing.

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