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Just Ask For What You Want.

Get A Call Right Away:
From A Trusted Service Provider Who Already Knows What You Want.

Like magic.
So nice to just ask for something, and get it.

Jennifer B, Calgary

The mechanic already knew I needed an appointment that afternoon.
He said he already checked that they had space for me.

Donald Z, Edmonton

It was like we already had a relationship.

Kennedy T, Calgary

When I contact potential clients through ClientPlaza,
I already know I'm not wasting my time, or theirs.

Leonard F, Web Programmer,
San Diego

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"When a vet called and said they could see my dog right away, it dawned on me how easy this is."

Lorraine M, Fremont, California

Use ClientPlaza when you need a Professional Service Provider.

ClientPlaza lets local Service Providers know what you need.

A local Service Provider who does what you want will contact you.

At home you might need Appliance Repair, a Physiotherapist, or a new Dentist.

At work you might need an Accountant, HR Consultant, or Law Firm.

ClientPlaza handles just about any kind of professional service.

Who Is ClientPlaza Ideal For?

People with young children:
Because you benefit from anything that makes your life more efficient.

Innovators and Early Adopters:
Because you like new stuff.

Because you often know exactly what you want, and now you just summon it.

Professionals who are comfortable with:
Setting one task in motion, moving on to other things, then reaping results from the first task.

Who ClientPlaza is NOT great for:
Maybe people who don't like change? It's a new way to do things and some people won't like it.

How is ClientPlaza better?

For Clients: Finding a Service Provider is easier.
Now our technology lets you notify many companies who might provide the service you need. One who does will call you. ClientPlaza is often better than calling businesses one after another, only to find they don't do what you want, or there's no appointment when you need it.

For Professionals: Connect with new Clients. Preview Clients' needs, to be more certain you can serve them well, before contacting them.

Safe, Easy, and Quick

It's safe. Service Providers are all trusted by ClientPlaza, and they receive a Client's contact info only after committing to offer their service. Only one Service Provider contacts each Client unless you ask for another.

The ClientPlaza website is easy to use.

ClientPlaza is free with no obligation for Clients, and inexpensive for Service Providers.

The process is streamlined so you can get on with other things. Let us know if we can improve anything.

What People Say

When a vet called and said they could see my dog right away, it dawned on me how easy this is.
Lorraine M

Will people use it? It's kind of different to what they're used to.
Maureen C

It's how much? That's nothing. I won't even notice that.
Doug F, a new Service Provider (Appliance Repair)

When you realize how useful it is, I wonder why we didn't do it this way before.
Martin S

This Is All We Do

Our Mission is to make the process of finding Service Providers and Clients better for everyone.

  • We don't chase advertising.

  • We don't sell the market data we gather.

  • We don't put the weather on the website, or offer celebrity news to keep you on the site.

We are doggedly focused on one thing. We believe that makes us better, and we hope you agree.

Why Do We Do This?

Because we can make people's lives a little better by making it easier to find the Service Providers everyone needs.

Because we believe that if something can be done a little better, we should try.

Because people lack control in their life. Not knowing who to call is an uncomfortable, powerless feeling we can help with.

Because it's a new way to do something.
If you happen to love new things, enough said.

Because people should just have the power to summon a good Service Provider.

One more reason:
We enjoy being out front. And like everyone else, we like helping make people's lives a little better, so it's nice to have the chance.