ClientPlaza will continue to develop its ability to let people summon the professional services they need at home or at work,
while providing a superior method for professional service providers to engage new clients, patients, and customers.


ClientPlaza will be most people's favourite method of connecting professional services with clients, patients, or customers - whether clients are individuals or companies.
Later, the same will be true for products.

ClientPlaza will be a leader of the web-wide conversion from "Search" to "Summon."

ClientPlaza will participate in dissolving the old Mass-Media model.

ClientPlaza will be a leader in the global process of moving away from a market-based economy towards a service-based economy.


The old Mass-Media model is bad and needs to be replaced.
The Mass-Media model is bad because it ignores or actively denies people's inherent value as people.

Integrity, as understood by our CEO, in spirit and action, will guide decision-making.

Customer Service success will be achieved in general - and in each interaction with individual customers.

Openness: ClientPlaza's behavior will reflect its Values. Because ClientPlaza is proud of its Values, it will not hide its behaviors or the reasons for them.

Clarity of processes for all people and organizations who use ClientPlaza arises from the spirit of openness.

ClientPlaza, through its CEO, is the sole arbiter of what is acceptable behavior on the ClientPlaza website. ClientPlaza will deny service to anyone or any organization whose behavior is not deemed acceptable by ClientPlaza.


ClientPlaza was born when founder Warrick Harrison needed a dentist and searched Google, which was the only realistic method of connecting with new Service Providers at the time.

No one could tell from an ad whether a company would do exactly what they needed.

It was also impossible to tell whether a particular Dentist or say, Auto Mechanic, had an appointment available.
You had to call them and see...and if anything was wrong, say good-bye and return to Google and start the ill-fated process again.

We set out to change all that.

We want to make people's lives a little easier, and bring them more control. With ClientPlaza, you ask for what you want and get it. What could be more straightforward?

We realized ClientPlaza could also be great for those Professional Service Providers who wanted to participate, because they would be able to develop new clients without advertising.

It also could be a way to turn Mass-Media upside down. Since almost no one loves advetising, we're pretty pleased to offer an alternative.

Along the way, ClientPlaza ought to make a reasonable profit, but that was always sort of incidental.