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Privacy Policy of
September 2011

Overview: respects the privacy of its customers and users. As an organization whose only product is service, we rely on the trust we inspire in our partners. Our goal is to collect only the information necessary to allow us to perform the service we are clearly engaged in. We will only use personal or corporate information for the purposes we have told you about, or which are self-evident, and to which you have expressly or implicitly agreed. ("Implicit" agreement is given when a person's behavior makes it clear they agree. For example, when someone types a searchword into an internet search engine, they implicitly agree to be shown the results of the search they just initiated.)

If you are a "client," we ask for your personal information so we can:

  • Match you with the most appropriate service provider.
  • Make your subsequent visits as efficient as most clients demand. For example, we won't have to ask you for your address or phone number each time you use the website.
  • Contact you ourselves. We will not send you marketing emails or materials. Instead, as part of's effort to make the best matches possible, we may ask to clarify a request, or follow up after you have received a call from a service provider. Feedback is very important to us and we hope you will support us in our effort to continuously improve.

In addition:

So that service providers can maximize the likelihood they provide the service you are requesting, we provide them with the synopsis of the service you have requested. We do not provide your contact information, or any information that may identify you, until such time as a single service provider pledges to offer you an appointment. We will provide your contact information to the service providers we think are best suited to your request. We will provide your contact information to exactly one service provider. If you choose not to engage that service provider, and we understand you want another service provider, we will provide your contact information to exactly one additional service provider, and so on.

Some service providers routinely deal with matters of a confidential nature., its service providers, and clients all rely on service providers' policies and procedures with respect to the levels of privacy normally required by their professions.

If you are a "service provider," we ask for your company information so we can:

  • Match you with the most appropriate client(s).
  • Make your subsequent visits as efficient as most service providers demand. For example, we don't have to ask you for your address or phone number each time you use the website.
  • Provide you with up-to-date information about how you have used the website. We believe service providers appreciate what they can learn about their own market and their own efficiency as a business.
  • Be accurate and complete in our billing processes.
  • Follow up with you, or clarify a previous communication. is highly motivated to maintain excellent quality of service, and we hope you will support us in that effort.

General: will not sell, lend, barter, or otherwise engage in the dissemination of your or anyone's personal or corporate information beyond what is clearly intended by the website and by your use of the website. See our Terms of Use for more information on sources of revenue for As with other types of businesses, it is impossible for your information to be kept completely private. Government agencies (courts, law enforcement agencies, etc.) occasionally have the power to require the disclosure of information. Although is a secure website, protected by appropriate Security Certificate(s) and other means, information can be intercepted by third parties, either by accident or on purpose. As well, information can be lost despite everyone's best diligence. Fortunately, in many jurisdictions, simple accident is no longer an excuse for losing personal information, and there are penalties for allowing such an occurrence. Please consider these facts as you interact with our or any business, internet-based or not. will endeavor to safeguard all personal and corporate information entrusted to it.

Through the use of "cookies" (both session cookies and persistent cookies) and other web-based technologies like Log Files (your IP address, browser type, time stamp, etc), we do generate a profile of our users. These technologies are normal components of standard website programming. We use this information to improve our service generally, not to advertise to a specific user. Any user may decline these cookies, but their experience of using may be degraded somewhat. There is no risk or harm to your computer from these programming features.

ClientPlaza uses Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to better understand who uses ClientPlaza and what your goals are. We use the information, which cannot identify you, to make the ClientPlaza site better, for more people.

What does not use your personal or corporate information for:

  • Marketing to you of anything other than's core processes;
  • Showing you special offers from other organizations or companies;
  • Any attempt to generate additional revenue from you, beyond our core processes. is not interested in generating revenue except in full view of its customers, users, and other partners. We are only interested in providing our core services to you as best we can.

By using our website, you signify your consent to the contents of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the contents of this Privacy Policy, or to our collection, use, disclosure and management of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy, you may not use our website. When you provide us with personal information on our website, we will assume your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information according to the contents of this Privacy Policy. You can ask for access to your personal information by contacting our Privacy Manager at We may decline such a request if it asks us to include information about anyone else, or if the request is frivolous, or if it asks us to put our company at unreasonable risk of harm. If we were ever to deny such a request, we would tell you why and you would have the option to respond.

Your information is not kept beyond the date necessary for us to perform the activities described herein, with the exception that some data will not be purged because of the technical problems involved in doing so. This is normal and if we can't get at some data, it is unlikely anyone else could in any meaningful way. Nevertheless, anyone who uses an internet-enabled computer for any purpose should be aware of the enduring nature of electronic data.

This policy is updated from time to time. The date this version came into force appears above.