What are the Advantages for Me as a Client?

Save time and reduce frustration.


Searching for Service Providers who do what you want;
Checking their location against other similarly qualified service providers;
Calling, only to discover they don't do what you want after all, or have no appointments available;
Going back to the phone book, Web search, or other source to try another Service Provider.


Tell ClientPlaza exactly what you want. A good local company will contact you personally.

Service Providers registered with ClientPlaza tend to show a better customer service attitude.
They tend to be leaders in their field. And they are pre-screened.

Be seen as a leader. When you tell people you used ClientPlaza, see if they ask you for advice about whether it was effective for you, and how to use it, too.

ClientPlaza is easy to use.

ClientPlaza is unbiased. ClientPlaza is available to all Service Providers in each area. Within each service, our pricing is the same for all companies, so Service Providers cannot buy priority over each other for any price. They just need to be better than the others, which also works to your advantage. On average, those service providers who want you more, and provide better service, will be successful.

ClientPlaza's goal is to facilitate the best, fairest, and most beneficial experience we can.

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