ClientPlaza is a candy shop for Service Providers
but instead of gummy bears inside....
it's Clients!

  • When you actually get a new client, that's when you are billed. Pay nothing up-front. And don't pay just for contact information that might turn to nothing. How much better is it, when you only pay for service you actually get?
  • More appointments in your appointment book(s).
  • Inexpensive. You will be pleasantly surprised about the effect on your business development expenditures.
  • Service Providers can be any size, from one location to thousands. Whether you are a one-person bookkeeper or a leader of a multi-national health care provider offering dozens of services -- ClientPlaza is equally effective.
  • Less cost to develop each new client than with other advertising and marketing methods.
  • Direct relationship between every dollar spent and its effect on your bottom line.
  • Instant evaluation of the effectiveness of this part of your marketing and advertising.
  • A word for lawyers and providers of medical services.
  • Greater control of your advertising spend throughout the budget year. Only spend when you want more clients, and know that your expenditures result directly in more clients.
  • Level playing field for smaller companies. Large advertising campaigns are often out of reach for small businesses. ClientPlaza removes that barrier.
  • Better public relations. When someone calls you unsolicited but your appointment book is already filled, you always have ClientPlaza to refer people to. It's preferable to having your call-center just say, "No."
  • Better efficiency at the front desk and administration office. Your staff make new appointments when they are ready. Service Providers can modify their automatic phone greetings to reflect this better procedure - an opportunity that's especially advantageous to Service Providers who usually have full appointment books.
  • A special advantage for Service Providers with nearly full appointment books in active markets: You do sometimes have room for new clients - using ClientPlaza will let you make an appointment almost as soon as an opening becomes available.
  • is unbiased. ClientPlaza is available to all, and there is no limit to the number of Service Providers in each market. Within each service, pricing is the same for all companies. There are no 'volume discounts.' Service Providers cannot buy priority over each other for any price. All well-matched Service Providers are notified when a client has requested a service they offer. Of the well-matched Service Providers, the one who asks for a new client first is offered that client's contact information. On average, those Service Providers who are more motivated to select new clients are able to do so. ClientPlaza's goal is to facilitate an efficient, fair, and beneficial experience.