Frequently Asked Questions - Clients

How does ClientPlaza figure out which service provider gets offered which client?
The exact process is proprietary and confidential. Location is very important and the features requested / available among service providers are next in importance; finally, well-matched service providers analyze the request they see to make sure they can serve a client with that request right now.

What's the process once ClientPlaza identifies well-matched service providers?
ClientPlaza notifies each well-matched service provider you are available. ClientPlaza may notify one service provider or quite a few, depending on the local market for that service at that time. Any of the notified service providers can then view your request (at this point, the service provider does not see your identity). If your request appears to fit with the service provider's available appointments, the service provider commits to contacting you. At that point, they receive your contact information and call you.

As a client, do I need to register?
Nope. You can use the super quick dialog box on the Home Page and be done in two steps. First step: Tell what you want. Second step: Tell how your service provider can contact you. That's it.

Any advantage to registering?
Yes, a couple. First, next time you need another service (same kind or a different kind), you won't have to type out your contact info again. Second, you'll have your Request History, which can be handy. Remember: Privacy Policy

What if our area has more clients than available appointments?
You may already have a sense that it's a tight spot for clients. For you, this is a great time to visit ClientPlaza: you will get the first available appointment in your area. By the way, it's also a good resource for service providers: when their appointment books are full they can refer clients to ClientPlaza, knowing the person will probably get an appointment more quickly than any other method.

What if ClientPlaza has competitors of its own in my area? Won't I have to register with all of them?
No. Currently, there is only ClientPlaza in most areas. When other similar services arrive, it may be a while before they have the coverage we have, and they may never catch up. If they do, then service providers may want to register with more than one - perhaps many - to get maximum results. It may be annoying for them. But as a client, you probably won't be affected. You can keep using ClientPlaza exclusively. Or if you think another service might do better than us, register with them too, and hopefully receive as good a result as from ClientPlaza.

What safeguards are there?
There are many safeguards built into to protect clients, service providers and ClientPlaza itself from fraud, theft, and many other vexatious activities. The safeguards you can see are designed to be visible; the ones not readily visible are designed to be somewhat more discreet in order to be as effective as possible. None of the safeguards contravene our Privacy Policy or impede the Terms of Use.