What are the Possible Drawbacks for Clients?

There is an on-line Registration Form that takes about four to eight minutes to complete. Once you fill it in the first time, it's there for you next time when you want another service.

It can't be predicted exactly when a service provider will call you, though it will normally be between a few minutes and a few hours.
The time-frame is influenced by the free market forces acting on the service you requested in your geographic area. In some places, some services are under-represented so appointments can be scarce and it may be longer before a service provider calls. In that circumstance, it can be even more difficult to find an appointment yourself. While you wait you are free to take care of your other business. If you want, you can seek a service provider on your own - you'll still be available for a service provider to call you. If you find an appointment on your own, the service provider who does call you will have wasted some of their time, but in some markets that's part of the landscape.
If you must use the closest service provider regardless of any other consideration, it might be better not to use ClientPlaza, but to phone that provider directly and request their next available appointment, no matter how long the wait is.

What might seem like a drawback, but probably isn't?

The idea of giving up control over which service provider you make an appointment with: No one is obligated to make an appointment with anyone, so no control is really given up. If you don't like the service provider who calls, let them know you would like another. (The same sort of thing can happen when calling a service provider from the phone book, for example.) With ClientPlaza, if you decline the first service provider, they will let ClientPlaza know you would like a different one -- so you don't have to do anything more to get another service provider.

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